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As our name implies, Strata Biz is all about the business of Strata Corporations.

Our PURPOSE is to assist you in resolving many issues facing Strata Corporations!

Our ADVANTAGE is our team of Professionals from the Insurance Claims Community, a Quantity Surveyor, a Building Inspector, Chartered Accountants, a Certified Mediator and an Engineer!

Established in 2007 and formerly known as Warranty Inspections, Strata Biz has provided a number of services to Strata Corporations throughout the Province of British Columbia.

Strata Biz deals only with Strata Corporations and has assembled a team of Professionals from 5 separate disciplines to respond to the issues that Strata Corporations face on a regular basis.

Our team members either on their own or collectively have many years if not decades of experience in their respective field.

Our expertise includes the following:

Depreciation Reports

Since becoming mandated by the Provincial Government in December 2011, there has been much confusion with respect to the preparation of Depreciation Reports aka Contingency Reserve Fund Studies. If your Strata has had a Depreciation Report completed, we commend you, because as a Strata Council you have among other things complied with your Fiduciary Duty as a Council member.

If your Strata has not had a Depreciation Report completed, we would recommend that the issue be revisited.

There are a number of Advantages and Disadvantages to having a Depreciation Report completed - For a full list of the Advantages and Disadvantages of obtaining a Depreciation Report for your Strata Corporation, please contact us.

Over 150 Strata Corporations have relied on the expertise of Strata Biz for the preparation of their Depreciation Report.

New Home Warranty Inspections

Unlike regular insurance coverage, New Home Warranty insurance has critical timelines for the submission of a possible claim and it should also be noted that as time passes parts of the coverage expire.

Significant Coverage Dates are as follows:

15 months from the first date of occupancy

- Any Defects in materials and workmanship.

2 years from the first date of occupancy

- Defects in materials and labour related to the delivery and distribution systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning etc).

5 years from the first date of occupancy

- Defects in the building envelope, including water penetration.

10 years from the first date of occupancy

- Defects in structure (supporting walls, foundation, roof trusses).

We recommend that an inspection be undertaken 60 days prior to the expiry of any section of the coverage so that an inspection can be undertaken, a report be prepared and if required presented to the Builder/Developer in a timely fashion.

Damage Appraisals and Cost Control

Our Quantity Surveyor/Building Inspector team member can provide repair specifications on property damage as well as Project Management and Clerk of Works positions.

Years of experience and education make our team member the choice for cost control issues.


Our Chartered Accountant Firm team member has in excess of 20 years experience in both the public and private practice sector.

General Accounting issues and well as specific issues requiring a delicate touch can be handled by our accounting team member.

Dispute Resolutions

Our Certified Mediator team member with years of experience, is available for all types of disputes from Tenant/Unit Owner issues to liability matters of all types.


Our Professional Engineer with 35+ years of experience is capable of handling any engineering issue that a Strata Corporation faces.

With a focus on Structural, Building Envelope and Roofing issues he is the right choice for you.

Our PURPOSE is to assist you to resolve many of your Strata Corporations' issues.

Our ADVANTAGE is our team of Professionals from the Insurance Claims community, a Quantity Surveyor, a Building Appraiser, Chartered Accountants, Certified Mediator and an Engineer. Each of our team members have many years, if not decades of experience in their respective field.

As Strata Unit owners with Strata Council experience we understand the complexities and stresses of being a Strata Council member.


Professionalism - Experience - Accountability - Cost Effective

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